say hello to Andrea Taylor

as the title suggests say hello to Andrea Taylor she likes to give tips and advice for looking good, she can be found on a few places around the web check out her links and blogs below @andifemmeboi (NFFW)

she teells us "Being a transvestite is a state of mind, first and foremost. It's an identification with the female persona, and a little bit beyond. Soft, smooth, frilly. A desire to be compliant; a yearning to surrender, to be used and to please, but in a feminine persona. It's perfume and lipstick and face powder. It's arched eyebrows, mascara and eye shadow. Frilly curls and smooth satin and varying shades of pink and purple and lavender. It's a bent wrist and a soft giggle. It's a mince in your step. It's doing what you're told, and with a smile and a thank you. But most of all, it's reveling in the knowledge that this is what you are and being thankful for every opportunity to express yourself, thusly."
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